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“A hamster and a rat were once chatting beside a piece of cheese, having a philosophical debate about the existential condition of rodents.”You know what, hamster,” says the rat, “I don’t understand how people can give you so much attention. They like you, take you into their homes, feed you, and let their kids play with you. While as for me, they try to poison me, scream when they see me and throw stones at me to make me go away. After all, we are both rodents…”
“Well,” the hamster replies, “I believe this is a question of branding…””

Branding strategy is not about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell. And we know how to say good stories.

Half joking, half serious, here is an explanation “easier to bite”:

We will help you to:


Difference is one of the most important factors in defining yourself as a brand. Crabapple will identify those elements which uniquely characterize your company, product, or service. We will then devise special unique ways for you to communicate those characteristics.


A creative solution builds an emotional relationship between you and those you wish to reach. It talks in a way they can understand: effectively, articulately, and clearly.


Why do so many people pay more for brand products? Their strong appreciation of a brand makes their decision to buy easier.


In essence, a brand is a promise that you make to consumers. If you don’t keep that promise, not even all the advertising in the world will be able to help you regain the consumer’s favor. The branding always starts from the inside.


First of all, it is important we understand that the logo, just like the personality of each individual, represents the image that the company identifies itself with. The corporate identity of a company brings together a set of attributes and values which any company has: its “personality”, the reason it exists, its spirit, and its soul. These elements must materialize at some point in anything to do with the company.
The image created by this “personality” will make the company gain its own identity and stand out within the group it belongs to. Before you can be a good car mechanic you must: 1. be a mechanic and 2. be the best. Seriously! This means you have to know what you want, to do it, and do it well for a long time and with a minimum of mistakes.

If you want to have a corporate identity, the first step in the right direction is to create a visual identity, a graphic logo that will give you the start you need in this adventure.

Many say “Wow! Look, I can do a logo too! Found a thing on the net, will add a bit of computer font to it, and what more do you need!?!”
This is a situation we come across often. Everybody has a nephew or someone who works with mum and “knows” how to do logos.
Want our honest opinion? We would not go to a car mechanic to have our teeth fixed.

Packing design, print design, business cards design, brochure design.

Every morning, Malcom’s team, fill up their cups with flavored art and a little advertising in search of the best taste in design.

Graphic creativity with a good sense of balance has proven its importance to each of our customers. Those who have tasted from our potion have not only woken to reality but have understood clearly that graphic creativity is one of the best modalities of communicating the brand.
Do not worry, we will never spoil the recipe, even if some of the ingredients we will never mention to a soul.

We know all the tricks of the trade; we could talk to you for hours about “positive and negative space”, about “visual weight” or about contrasts, texts, shades, mixtures.

But if we did, it wouldn’t be us anymore. As we already told you a few pages ago, we know how to make our clients happy. That’s why; all that matters to us is being able to draw and show your story in a way that you will never be forgotten.

Did we convince you?

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