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Consulta Ema came to us asking to help them with their web design planning after they had already agreed and paid a competitor for the web design. Their problem was that they did not know what content they needed to provide for the website.

Keeping things simple

After a few meetings, having discussed what they do and what services they offer, we decided that information is the key factor of this site.

We started planning the design by keeping things purposefully simple and mobile-friendly to make sure that the execution company can do the job but also making sure that the resulting product fits their needs.

Ongoing support & SEO

Offering support to the design team (even though they are not our design team), and also to our customer helped the development process and assured smooth communication and understanding between the two of them. We actually acted as liaison. In the end, we took over the project as the customer wanted us to do the ongoing website maintenance and SEO.

Client feedback

Nobody tells you what content you need in order to have a website built. Most web designers out there just ask you for it, and before we talked to the Malcom Edwards team, we actually thought we have what we need. A simple talk made us realize not just that we had it wrong but also changed the way we do our business. It’s amazing how much it helps to talk to specialists and get a free lesson about what you do from an online consultant. We want to keep this team of geniuses close and we are very satisfied with their work.

Roxana Florea
Marketing Manager

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