Multilingual simple PHP website solution
Web Design & SEO


As one of the market leaders in security solutions in Romania, Carpat Guard wanted a multilingual website for their .com domain.

The main reason for this second website was to occupy another position on search engines’ first result pages, trying to get as many positions available on the page so that competition websites are harder to find (genius we know – we suggested it).


We took a look at our previous project that we completed for them, the search engine optimization of their Romanian website available at their .ro domain. After a few meetings we decided to stick to the same design and work only on providing the same information differently. With new text, images and sales driven call to action areas.


There was no point to start web designing from scratch as this solution would have been expensive and unjustified value-wise. So we just took over the existing website that our competitors have built and modified so that it meets the new requirements.

Meeting the SEO needs

After a while by continuously improving the Search Engine Optimisation of both .ro and .com websites we managed to hit the first result page with both websites for the most important search term in their industry (firma paza and firma paza bucuresti), and also offer good Ads target score that lowered the cost per click of their Ads.

Client feedback

I have worked with Malcom Edwards Web Design Agency for a long time. They do all my SEO and also help my marketing team with advertising for all our websites. When they first came with this idea I thought it was genius but also very hard to achieve. I was surprised to see how fast they managed to pull this off and how much more business this brought. I would gladly recommend their services as they are very good when it comes to online stuff.

Pop Dragos
General Director
Ecommerce Website Design & Promotion